Amsterdam nearly half muslim. Can’t stop violent youth.

January 29, 2008

Just read this piece  from Pajama’s  media  complaining of gay bashing in Europe.  It notes in passing that nearly half of Amsterdam is Muslim. I  assume the proportion of Muslims in all of Holland is much  smaller but this population is younger and nearly controls the capital.

I wonder what the numbers are for Paris and am curious what the numbers need to be to result in a  defacto change of control. The totals matter less than the  details.    If  Ashkenazi  Europeans  (new usage for this word) are old and live outside the major cities  while  the  newer Sephardi  Europeans are younger and live in the cities then defacto we will see a change in control.

The  other variable is what portion of the  sephardi  population  is  willing  to  resist  their  more  activist  peers.   The  examples  from  other  countries  don’t  leave much hope for Ashkenazi power.


Did Newsweek shout fire in a crowded theater?

May 16, 2005

Austin Bay describes it as The Press’ Abu Ghraib. Michelle Malkin as “Newsweek Lied. People Died. She quotes the London TImes story

“At least nine people were killed yesterday as a wave of anti-American demonstrations swept the Islamic world from the Gaza Strip to the Java Sea, sparked by a single paragraph in a magazine alleging that US military interrogators had desecrated the Koran.”

A commenter notes on Austin Bay’s post notes

In every other walk of life, professionals are subject to criminal charges if they engage in grossly negligent behavior that results in injury to innocent third parties. Here have we grossly negligent (if not outright malicious, and I’m still not convinced that Newsweek didn’t make up most of this story out of whole cloth) behavior that has resulted in harm to American servicemen in wartime. This is much, much more serious than Rathergate. Newsweek has crossed over the line from ordinary leftist media conceit into Lord Haw Haw / Tokyo Rose territory.

Newsweek falsely reported that US soldiers descrate the Koran at Gitmo and now 15 people are dead as a consequence. Should Newsweek be punished? What is the punishment for shouting fire in a crowded theater?

Sometimes in April: More PC Damage and (argh!) A RALLY!

May 5, 2005

Two nights ago, I attended a showing of Sometimes in April by the AJWS. The movie attempted to dramatize the attempted genocide of the Tutsis by the Hutus in Rwanda in 1994 and the way the world just stood by. The movie was shown in an attempt to galvanize action to stop the ongoing genocide of Blacks by Arabs in the Sudan. But the movie uttely sends the wrong message on this front.

In a testament to PC nonesense, all characters in the film fell into three basic categories, evil males who do nothing rape and kill women, helpless males who can do nothing to stop them, and heroic women who occassionally do. There are no images of heroic men attempting to defend their households from the attackers. There are not even images of Tutsi rebel forces fighting to retake Rwanda from these monsters.

Instead we are invited to view the genocide as being like the rains of April; something that comes unbidden, like the weather. And something that magically departs just as suddently, when the Tutsi rebels announce over a bullhorn that the Tutsis can come out from hiding in the swamp. There is no coverage of the fighting that allowed the Tutsi to take power. The folks who made the movie really want to avoid the notion that bad things happen when good men fail to act and that the action that these good men take sometimes needs to be VIOLENT.

It also images the Tutsis as helpless victims of Rwandan aggresion. It ignores the Tutsi massacre of 300,000 Hutus in 1972 in neighboring Burundi (also Hutus killed 100,00 Tutsis in Rwanda over the period from 1955-1965) and the fact that the UN had just escorted the main Tutsi force to the center of the capital. There was real fear on both sides. (For killing history see here).

The film covered the widespread rapes that the Hutu militias perpetrated on women without showing any of it. It did show some of the killing of women and girls. At the same time it shows little of the killing of men and boys. There are two possibilities here. Either the man and boys ran away leaving the women and girls alone to face the militias or they were simply killed first. If the former, the movie fails to confront the possiblity that some concept of male honor is an important part in the maintenance of civil society. If the later, perhaps it would have been better if all Rwandan were armed. Either way, it is simply that the men and boys who were killed prior to the rapes, then what is being shown is a cruel reprise of the joke : “world coming to an end. women and children hardest hit!”

The movie attempts to dramatise the fecklessness of the US, showing decision makers trying to avoid a repeat of Mogadishu. Coverage of the US response centers on the Prudence Bushnell, the heroic female Deputy Assistant Sec. State for Africa. She becomes increasingly alarmed at the genocide, repeatedly tries to persuade male US policy makers to act, and is rebuffed by them. In one scene, she is exhorting a US commander to shut down the Rwandan radio station goading the Hutu militias to greater levels of violence. He responds “Radio doesn’t kill people. People kill people” and then goes on to talk about freedom of speech. She is exasperated by the refusal of anyone to act. But we never see her doing the obvious alternative, COMPETITION. Perhaps it is too MALE, but perhaps we could have arranged to have the US broadcast radio into Rwanda with a competing message of peace and hope. Perhaps its just that Democracts prefer regulation to competition.

The movie neglects to cover the real background of domestict liberals and leftists rampant opposition to any US military action and de facto complicity in the
genocides in Vietnam and Cambodia perpetrated after the US departed South East Asia. What makes Rwanda a better genocide to cover than Cambodia and Vietnam in the 1970’s or Iraq in the 1980’s? Perhaps that it lets the left off the hook in allowing these prior genocides to happen. The movie manages to be relatively silent about the fact that the UN troops left without firing a shot in defense of the Tutsis that they had committed to protect and the fact that the French were actively supporting and providing arms to the Hutus.

At the end of the day, we must confront the fact that sometime the only way to stop bad men is through violence. Men who are willing to rape and kill for their own ends will not be stopped by words or arm bands. They will be stopped by force.

And that gets me to the current context. It is Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. The AJWS site says:

This month we commemorate Yom Hashoah and remember the consequences of inaction by the international community in the face of genocide. We remember and we still cannot, nor will we ever, comprehend how the world looked on as six million of us were gassed, tortured, displaced, starved and worked to death.

We vowed, “never again!” But is this declaration to be reserved for Jews alone? Jews must be the guardians of this call for action, highly sensitive and responsive to all attempts by any people to annihilate another people. The world stood idly by 60 years ago, and again as massacres unfolded in Cambodia, Rwanda, and now Sudan.

I fully support the sentiments in this text. I plan to attend to the rally scheduled for 4:30PM this Sunday in Central Park (on Cherry Hill by Strawberry Fields) to raise awareness of the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan. According to the email

The rally is being coordinated by students from Yeshiva University (YU), with participation by students from Columbia, NYU, Rutgers, Harvard, and Georgetown. Among the speakers will be Ruth Messinger, President and Executive Director of the American Jewish World Service, Yahya M. Osman, general secretary, Darfur Rehab Project, Inc, who lost six members of his family to the Sudan genocide in 2004, and human rights activists Simon Dang and Maria Sliwa. There will be elected officials present as well. Sponsoring organizations include Human Rights First, ADL, AJWS and the Anti-Slavery Group.

I hope this rally will both raise awareness of the ongoing genocide and raise recognition that the way these sorts of things get stopped is by violence. The silence of many on the left about the prior ongoing killing and genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq that was stopped only by the US military is alarming. The possibility that the US may equip rebels to fight the Sudanese government gives me hope. I’d also like the US to grow the military sufficiently so that we have the resources to impose no fly zones on the Sudan. But again, the domestic liberals can’t stand any money spent on the military. They voted for John Kerry’s “fire houses in the US and not Iraq.” But I have hope that awareness of this tragedy will straighten them out.

OK City Bomber Reveals Co-conspirators

May 5, 2005

From the LATimes

WASHINGTON — After a decade of silence, Terry L. Nichols, who was convicted in the Oklahoma City bombings, has accused a third man of being an accomplice who provided some of the explosives used to kill 168 people at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building 10 years ago.

Nichols, in a letter written from his cell at the U.S. government’s Supermax prison in Colorado, said Arkansas gun collector Roger Moore donated so-called binary explosives, made up of two components, to bomber Timothy J. McVeigh that were used in Oklahoma City, as well as additional bomb components that recently were found in Nichols’ former home in Kansas.
Nichols’ letter to Sanders was dated April 18, the day before the 10-year anniversary. In it he said the government knew that others were involved but would not prosecute them, and he wanted to work with Rohrabacher and Congress “to help expose the gov’t coverup in my case and thus reveal the truth in the OKC bombing.”

He said ongoing FBI tests of the components found at his house in Herington, Kan., would support his allegation that the material came from Moore and his friend, Karen Anderson.

“That case of nitromethane came directly from Roger Moore’s Royal, Arkansas, home, and his prints should be found on that box and/or tubes, and Karen Anderson’s prints may be there as well,” Nichols wrote.

Anderson also could not be found Tuesday.

Has the next flu pandemic started?

May 4, 2005

Via MarginalRevolution, I found

These changes have striking parallels with the 1918 pandemic which began as a mild infection in the sping of 1918 and evolved into an efficient killer in the fall. The current information coming out of northern Vietnam suggests a similar sequence of events may be happening in 2005, and the flu pandemic has begun as indicated. Moreover, the finding of WSN/33 in swine in Korea suggests the pandemic in 2005 may be beginning on two fronts, with avian viruses becoming more human-like in Vietnam and human viruses becoming more avian-like in Korea. Unfortunately, both sets of viruses can infect birds which could create more mixing and matching of genetic information. This genetic instability could frustrate vaccine efforts based on the last 2004 isolates form Vietnam.

Sign the Rescind the AUT Boycott Petition

May 3, 2005

Daniel Johnson reported in the NYSun last week

Last Friday something happened that made me ashamed to be British. The Association of University Teachers, which represents 49,000 academics, voted to boycott two Israeli universities, Haifa and Bar-Ilan. They are likely to boycott a third, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
This boycott is the culmination of years of pro-Palestinian agitation on campus, which has seen Jewish students and pro-Zionist academics subjected to frightening levels of vilification and intimidation. But not since the Third Reich have Jews been the targets of an official boycott in a civilized country.[..] Just as German universities were hotbeds of anti-Semitism even before the Nazis came to power, so in recent years British universities have become the bastions of the latest mutation of anti-Semitism: denial of Israel’s right to exist.
Opponents were given no opportunity to challenge the two militants from Birmingham who proposed the boycott. Moreover, the vote was held on erev Pesach, forcing Jewish delegates to choose between religious and civic duties.
This, then, is the university that Ms Benjamin wishes to isolate from the outside world. The agenda was set out by the founder of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, Omar Barghouti: “The taboo has been shattered at last. From now on, it will be acceptable to compare Israel’s apartheid system to its South African predecessor.” Nobody makes such comparisons with Arab universities, where academic freedom is still only a dream.

At very least we can sign the petition in protest:

To: British Association of University Teachers

We, the undersigned, are men and women from all walks of life, Jews and non-Jews, Israelis and non-Israelis, academics and non-academics, who feel deep concern about the AUT’s misbegotten boycott of Israeli universities.

As an expression of this concern, and the negative impact we know it will have on Israelis, Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, Jews, British teachers and students, and many in other countries, we hereby petition the Association of University Teachers to rescind its boycott.

Any claim that Israel is an ‘apartheid state’ is demonstrably wrong in
all its aspects, legal, ethical, factual, and in comparison to other
countries and belittles the true horrors of the apartheid regime in South Africa.

The boycott is counterproductive, racist, and bigoted. It was voted on and approved under conditions which guaranteed its outcome without full and proper debate. It singles out the only Jewish State in the world for punishment , yet ignores the numerous despotic, oppressive, tyrannical, fundamentalist, and repressive regimes in the world. It is, for that reason alone, hypocritical, and represents the interests of a small minority of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic activists only.

Sign the Petition

CNN Being Evil: Using CommentSpam and Keyword Suffing!

April 28, 2005

Nick Lewis detects CNN using comment spam to promote their shows and keyword stuffing to depress the search ranking of blogs that criticize CNN. This goes beyond news coverage to being actively evil. Wow.