Amsterdam nearly half muslim. Can’t stop violent youth.

Just read this piece  from Pajama’s  media  complaining of gay bashing in Europe.  It notes in passing that nearly half of Amsterdam is Muslim. I  assume the proportion of Muslims in all of Holland is much  smaller but this population is younger and nearly controls the capital.

I wonder what the numbers are for Paris and am curious what the numbers need to be to result in a  defacto change of control. The totals matter less than the  details.    If  Ashkenazi  Europeans  (new usage for this word) are old and live outside the major cities  while  the  newer Sephardi  Europeans are younger and live in the cities then defacto we will see a change in control.

The  other variable is what portion of the  sephardi  population  is  willing  to  resist  their  more  activist  peers.   The  examples  from  other  countries  don’t  leave much hope for Ashkenazi power.


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