Cooking made us human

Love this one

Critics of cooked foods, and there is a raw foods movement in the world, Wrangham pointed out, say “Look at chimpanzees. They eat raw and thrive.”

Chimpanzees, he re-emphasized, spend far more time eating than humans do and as a result don’t have time or energy to expand far beyond their range. In German research studies on the effects on humans of following a raw food diet, the results show that humans eating only raw food are hungry, experience weight loss and, in the case of women, quit having regular menstrual cycles, which means that the rate of reproduction is precariously lowered.

“It seems difficult for me to deny the evidence that the evolution of man came with the discovery of fire and cooking,” Wrangham said. “Cooking changed the biological design of humans, and that fact is the basis of paleo-gastronomy,” he added.

“Being able to spend a low percent of time eating made hunting possible and expanded the range of humans out of Africa and into Asia,” Wrangham said. Cooking also prompted the sexual division of labor: men, being bigger and stronger, hunted, and women provisioned and cooked.

Cooking created the human family or civilization, where humans not only assumed tasks suited to their skills but also put those skills to work in taking care of one another. You hunted for the group or family, as well as yourself. Or, you cooked for the hunter, as well as yourself.


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