OK City Bomber Reveals Co-conspirators

From the LATimes

WASHINGTON — After a decade of silence, Terry L. Nichols, who was convicted in the Oklahoma City bombings, has accused a third man of being an accomplice who provided some of the explosives used to kill 168 people at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building 10 years ago.

Nichols, in a letter written from his cell at the U.S. government’s Supermax prison in Colorado, said Arkansas gun collector Roger Moore donated so-called binary explosives, made up of two components, to bomber Timothy J. McVeigh that were used in Oklahoma City, as well as additional bomb components that recently were found in Nichols’ former home in Kansas.
Nichols’ letter to Sanders was dated April 18, the day before the 10-year anniversary. In it he said the government knew that others were involved but would not prosecute them, and he wanted to work with Rohrabacher and Congress “to help expose the gov’t coverup in my case and thus reveal the truth in the OKC bombing.”

He said ongoing FBI tests of the components found at his house in Herington, Kan., would support his allegation that the material came from Moore and his friend, Karen Anderson.

“That case of nitromethane came directly from Roger Moore’s Royal, Arkansas, home, and his prints should be found on that box and/or tubes, and Karen Anderson’s prints may be there as well,” Nichols wrote.

Anderson also could not be found Tuesday.


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