New Email Handling Experiment: NO FOLDERS

I recently shifted my email processing to storing all my already processed email is an archive folder (rather than lots of special purpose folders).
Now that I have reduced my incoming spam by 95%, I am trying a new inbox experiment.

  • View email recent first
  • BCC all outgoing mail into my inbox
  • leave all email in my inbox
  • note a set of processed email by sending myself a STOP POINT message

If this works, I will no longer be dependent on IMAP. I’ll be able to do useful searching and sorting with whatever mail client I want. And I will spend even less time “managing my email”.

Also, I set my email polling interval to check for new email every hour rather than every minute. That leads to a much higher level of sanity. I may start switching all my subscription email to a different folder and then increase the polling frequency. We’ll see.


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