Testing New Anti-Spam Software

Based on my sysadmin’s recomendation, I am experimenting with CRM114. CRM114 is a system that needs training to operate well. It requires training on error rather than training on a corpus of prototypes. So, I wanted to have it installed so that all legit mail comes to my inbox and all my spam to a spam folder. While training I will check both folders, saving false positives in a teach-non-spam folder and false negatives in a teach-spam folder. For this to work I needed a program to grab the contents of my teach folders and pass them to CRM114 for training. So I wrote some code that I actually put into production! If it works, I will put into into production for the other people on this server. It works for anyone using an IMAP server with access to shell. Now I have cron run it every 5 minutes and I am now training. Yay. The source is here. Feel free to use it and tell me what you think.


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