Thinking about switching to Macintosh

I like the Macintosh operating system interface better, but the hardware is far inferior to my top PC laptop pick, the Panasonic Y2. The future is in web based software and always-on connections (see e.g. going after MSFT). But today we are not there yet.


4 Responses to Thinking about switching to Macintosh

  1. oh boy says:

    i’m just curious- why do you care so very much about performance? you don’t do graphics or sound, and you don’t do massive dataset searching on your local machine.

  2. I don’t think I mentioned performance. The Y2 is superior because it weighs only 3.3 lbs.

  3. oh boy says:

    you also need to look at the virtual baggage as well, i think, and decide if the heaviness of unix is worth the slight extra mass of a 12″ g4 ‘book.

    fyi, a recommendation: get the 12″, max out a single chip of RAM and max out the second slot with 3rd party RAM, which is cheaper. get a superdrive. don’t even hesitate on this. largest hard drive possible, of course.

  4. oh boy says:

    why are you looking at the 15″ instead of the 12″?

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