For France EU ‘Yes’?

Wretchard quotes the Observer

Fifteen consecutive opinion polls during April have confirmed that the ‘no’ vote in the French referendum on the Constitutional Treaty stands at some 53 per cent …. An improbable alliance of right and left is tapping the mood that French travails in general, and unemployment in particular, are because France cannot be true to an idea of France. France has been locked in quasi economic stagnation for more than a decade; unemployment is 10 per cent and youth unemployment even higher.

So economic stagnation is increasing the power of the far right (Le Pen) and far left (anti-market) against the center. This echos a prior European era in which war was “obsolete”. I bet Le Pen is stronger than the communists. The situation does not make me comfortable.


One Response to For France EU ‘Yes’?

  1. ooghe says:

    I predict an overall neutral/negative outcome (negative for Atlanticists such as myself) on this. Whether or not France passes the EU Constitution, the UK probably won’t and in the ensuing renegotiations, we’ll wind up with the UK in a less influencial position in bridging US/European policy, and a continental inwardness that does no favors for the US or anyone else.

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