US per capita electricity consumption has declined for the past 15 years

See this great site for economic data. Note this is despite the huge growth in the use of computers, air conditioners, etc. Note that our population is still growing so overall electricity usage is increasing.


5 Responses to US per capita electricity consumption has declined for the past 15 years

  1. oh boy says:

    this is **despite** the comments of the vice president of the united states, who said that conservation was a useless goal.

    i think it’s incredibly disingenious of you, as a (former) fiscal conservative and enthusiastic pro-business republican, to celebrate this decline of energy usage. this has happened because programs and efforts you do not like have continued despite your displeasure.

    so don’t celebrate this fact without eating a little bit of crow, dude.

  2. hey alex says:

    in other news (and i hijack comments because i’m not enabled as a poster here, nyah nyah)

  3. Josh, my point (and perhaps Cheney’s) is that governments don’t change energy demand. Markets do. See my post on peak oil. It is the government intervention types who should be eating a little crow given that they can point to very few programs that actually produced this effect.

  4. Morgan says:

    Wait Josh, how com you think the decline in electricity usage is from “conservation”? Doesn’t the much more likely explanation seem to be, more efficient electronics & machinery? I mean, conservation is only popular on a small scale & only reduces demand slightly; but *everyone* uses electronics & machinery, and all of these have been getting muuuuuuch more efficient over the last decades…. what do you think of this?

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