Spain’s Socialists Sold WMD to Venezuela

Bacepundit points to VCrisis which notes:

During the first semester of 2004 Spain sold chemical warfare agents and radioactive materials to Venezuela worth €539.603 according to a report entitled “Spanish exports of defence materials and related products and technologies”. The report, produced by Spain’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, was revealed to Europe Press. Venezuela appeared as the twelfth buyer of such defence material to Spain for the period that saw José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero winning the vote over Partido Popular.
Report’s statistics show that Venezuela was the only country under the category “countries to which chemical warfare agents and radioactive materials were sold”. Worth noting that the said category includes “biological and nerve agents destined to chemical warfare” of which Venezuela bought €30.374.

Why does Venezuela need WMD?


5 Responses to Spain’s Socialists Sold WMD to Venezuela

  1. hey alex says:

    “Why does Venezuela need WMD?”

    Because a massive nuclear superpower has been making rumblings about displeasure with its leftist government.

  2. ooghe says:

    josh, as a twice (thrice?) elected democracy, the Chavez government is immune to interference from the United States. that is, if the policy truly is as transformative and idealistic as it is purported to be…

  3. Josh, how, exactly, has VZ caused the US displeasure? Do you think it is good that VZ now has WMD?

    Robert, I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic here, but if you really think that Chavez was legitimately elected, you should check out these URLs:

  4. ooghe says:

    unless I missed something they mean the election results are illegitmate because of exit poll discrepancies and because of the voting software was manufactured by a politically opposed manufacturer..? I thought this kind of thing was generally considered ‘tin foil hat’ these days?

    by the by- I am curious how your debate went. you should post something about it.

  5. oh boy says:

    alex, how many times do i have to ask you to not use wingnut sources if you want me to be convinced of something? opinion journal?!? sheesh. you may have noticed that it has been a LONG LONG time since i asked you to read anything at salon.

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