Against Gaza Withdrawal

VOA reports that Sharon is facing increasing opposition to his plan to transfer the Jewish residents of Gaza out of the area. His rationalle for this plan is that the Israeli government expends too many resources protecting these people from a surrounding population of hostile Arabs and the presence of Israeli troops makes a peace with the local Arabs more difficult to achieve.

He believes it is possible to make peace with a people who demand their land be Judenrein. He further believes that it is okay to transfer Jews who are not demanding genocide but it is not okay to transfer Arabs who are.

My view: If Israel is going to being transfering anyone, it should be Arabs out of Gaza. If it is not going to be transfering anyone, it should be a basic premise of any peace agreement that the Jewish residents of the territories will be safe from harm. If the Arabs can’t uphold such an agreement, they are really not prepared to make peace.


2 Responses to Against Gaza Withdrawal

  1. ooghe says:

    It is interesting to note you are now openly opposed to the Bush Administration

  2. anselm says:

    You are probably right morally. But we live in an immoral world. Will the withdrawal work? I don’t know, but the status quo wasn’t working. The world may be changing. Maybe Iran will have a regime change, Lebanon gets rid of Syria, Iraq democracy survives. These things don’t just happen, someone is pushing, someone is leading.

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