Bush’s Inaugural Was Needed Years Ago

In the comments, Josh poins to Andrew Sullivan linking to this article by Fareed Zakaria in which both claim that the goal has always been freedom and the problem has always been implementation (with Sullivan making a snarky comment about Bush’s implementation. They both miss that there has in fact been a change of policy.

Zakaria talks about Bush cozying up to Putin. He ignores that Bush screwed Putin in favor of Ukrainian democracy. Sullivan misses the fact that much of our problem in Iraq comes from Bush never resolving an internal debate within the administration between those who believe we should have taken out Saddam and then left Iraq to deal however and those who wanted to go there to build a democracy. That failure to choose left much post-war planning up in the air. This Administration has actually done amazing things for democracy, in Afghanistan, in the Ukraine, and soon in Iraq. And the choice has now been made and is abundantly clear. We will continue to work for democracy in other places as well (damn the torpedoes of whether or not the governments will be more or less friendly!).


4 Responses to Bush’s Inaugural Was Needed Years Ago

  1. alex: are you more in favor of progressive environmental policy now?


  2. ooghe says:

    interesting article. I also remember the broohaha when the Pentagon issued a green paper wholly out of step with White House environmental policy:


    If anyone’s interested, they are doing webcasts of the WEF at Davos, where we might see if there is to be some change in the US stance:


  3. ooghe says:

    hmm. my mistake. apparently the US didn’t send anyone to Davos this year…

  4. alex: do you concur with sullivan here? http://www.andrewsullivan.com/index.php?dish_inc=archives/2005_01_23_dish_archive.html#110695163596119625

    if not, can you tell me and robert in advance (because it sure do look like we’re the only readers here these days) what will constitute success in the iraqi elections?

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