Iran’s leader declares war with US (or democracy). Demands Nukes By January

From WorldNetDaily

Ayatollah Khamenei last July told a group of mullahs meeting in Hamadan, west of Tehran, that, “We are at war with the enemy,” meaning the United States. “The central battlefield is Iraq.” Iran is funding insurgents right now to cross the border and destabilize Iraq before the scheduled January elections. “We must have two bombs ready to go in January,” the Ayatollah told the gathering in Hamadan, “or you are not Muslims.”

The Iraqi elections are scheduled for January. Is this a coincidence?


One Response to Iran’s leader declares war with US (or democracy). Demands Nukes By January

  1. alex, you’re getting it wrong AGAIN. read the interview with kenneth pollack, most definitely NOT a left-traitor.

    if mexico descended into anarchy as a result of a pre-emptive invasion by cuba (f’rinstance)… wouldn’t we be extremely interested in the results of the conflict? wouldn’t we be working very hard to stabilize the country in a way which dovetailed with our own interests?

    read this:

    But there are also other layers. A really big one is that Iraq has now become a common interest of those two countries, just like Afghanistan is a common interest. Neither Iran nor the United States wants to see chaos there, and both countries seem to believe that the best outcome for both of them, as well as for the Iraqis, is to have a stable, pluralistic system in Iraq that will allow the Shia majority to have political clout equivalent to their demographic clout.

    The Iranians aren’t under the illusion that the Iraqi Shia are going to be their puppets — they remember the Iran-Iraq war, when Iraq’s Shia fought them tooth and nail. But the Iranians are deeply afraid of chaos in Iraq spilling over into Iran and they recognize having a pluralist Iraq where the Shia are in the ascendancy is an Iraq they could live with. That would be such a nice change for them. As a result, we’ve seen a great deal of tacit cooperation between Iran and the United States over Iraq.

    Now, obviously there are also Revolutionary Guards running around Iraq doing nasty things.

    So some Iranian agents are blowing things up in Iraq, and others are trying to keep the peace?

    Exactly. That’s always the case with Iran, because Iran doesn’t have a fully coherent government. There are multiple governments, and some of these elements freelance.

    that’s from the salon article. my main point in this comment is that you are mistaking big talk for a real readiness of action. i know for a fact, my friend, that you were able to basically ignore bush’s cultural warfare anti-gay talk in the name of politics as usual. but there are those of us who could not do so. now aren’t you making the same mistake you accused us of making? it’s politically strong for every iranian mullah and politician to do some serious sabre-rattling in the US’ direction. actual action is quite different, and really to be avoided.

    it amazes me, still, that you can be so smart, and such a fucking dumbass about this stuff. when are you going to learn? VIOLENCE MAKES VIOLENCE. we keep on attacking pre-emptively, and we are NOT going to eradicate the threat. we are going to make a world for our children where americans are assholes who should be killed. we are not humanitarians any more, flying the banner of democracy. we are fascists hell-bent on the eradication of cultures that are not our own. and even though this is not my opinion, and it is of course not yours, it is the opinion of an increasingly large number of angry, armed young people. they need to be shown that we are capable not only of crushing their beliefs, but also of leaving them alone to think what they want.

    democracy forced is not democracy. it is, above all else, temporary. and you are mortgaging our future with support for preemptive warfare in the name of forcing democracy.

    wake up, alex. WAKE UP.

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