to FireFox and back to Mozilla

I’ve been running Mozilla for a while and decided to try out Firefox yesterday. It is still emphatically beta.
* Lots of UI quirks e.g. involving select boxes on forms
* tabed browsing doesn’t let you rearrange tabs or move from them from window to window
* you can’t automatically open new links in new tabs

and the biggest one BY FAR

NO File|Send Page!!!!

The story is that send page is hard because there is no standard interface for send-document in windows.
So they will have to have some special purpose interface to thunderbird and then effectively what you have is
email intergated with web aka Mozilla….

Oh well.


One Response to to FireFox and back to Mozilla

  1. Someone wrote an extension to let you rearrange and otherwise move tabs, but it stopped working with more recent versions of Firefox (which is, alas, a not-unusual pattern for useful extensions).

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