Thinking about a better open source license

The GPL and the MPL combine with Moore’s law and the Internet to allow people to take source private by operating it as a service. I am planning to release an app server open source and want to remedy this problem. Here are the key terms. I’m looking for comments:

Simple Source License, Version 0.1
Copyright (c) 2004 All rights reserved.


The copyright holder of the covered work has released it without charge to the developer community in the hopes that it will be of value and in the hopes that other developers will in turn make and distribute improvements back and in turn get the same value.

This license reflects these hopes by permitting anyone to use, modify, bundle, or provide a service derived from covered work in whatever manner they choose and for whatever they wish to charge as long as they make the associated source freely available as well.

Terms and Conditions
1. Scope of License
This license covers any work that contains notice placed by the copyright holder stating that fact.

2. Covered Works
You may reproduce, modify, display, and/or distribute verbatim copies of covered works.

3. Modified Versions Of Covered Works
You may reproduce, modify, display, and/or distribute modified versions of covered works or patches to original or modified versions of covered works
a. only if they retain the original’s copyright, license, disclaimer, and all notices, if any, thereof,
b. only if they include prominent notice that they derive directly or indirectly from covered work and are NOT verbatim copies thereof, and
c. only if they include some way to identify the covered work from which they directly or indirectly derive.

4. Derived Works and Derived Services
A derived work is any work that results from modification or transformation of derived or covered works. A derived service is any service that depends in part or whole on the operation of derived work. Associated source is any
source used to create a derived work or provide a derived service. You may distribute derived works and/or provide derived services and/or permit others to do the same only if for the following year you make all associated source
available to the recipients of such works and/or users of such services
a. at no charge,
b. at a URL displayed prominently and designated as such in the acknowledgment section of the associated end-user documentation, and
c. under terms conformant with Open Source Definition 1.9 or later as available from the Open Source Initiative or under this license,
d. and only if the license or terms of use conspicuously advises the recipient and/or end user of their rights to the source under the terms of this license.

5. Acknowledgement
Any derived work or service must have end-user documentation with anacknowledgment section containing the following text:
“This product includes software developed by [copyright holder’s name] ([copyright holder’s URL]).” (replacing bracketed text with its value).

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