How to hate/choose a President

My friend Stephan, a very anti-Bush Democrat makes the following insightful point in an email:

Alex said:
> If Kerry takes over now, then each party will be able to blame the other one and no one will trulybe accountable.

Exactly my point 🙂

In any case, in my opinion, facts & policies have become nearly irrelevant -I actually don’t think this election has much to do with Kerry.

It’s all about Bush. People who don’t like Bush, hate him. It’s no longer a policies thing, it’s an identity thing. People who don’t like Bush view him (as I do) as a ruthless, born again religious nut, deeply anti-intellectual,surrounded by ideologically-driven cronies, and deeply sympathetic to business interests at the expense of the working man’s interests, women’s issues and the environment.

At this point, it almost doesn’t matter what he says or does, or what Kerry says or does, because it’s extremely unlikely that I will change my mind about Bush.

I think it’s a little bit similar to the religious people’s reaction to Clinton – deeply visceral hatred, blaming him for representing a morally relativistic, 60’s world-view. And having him “steal” a number of items from the moderate right agenda enraged them even further, and it became an identity thing.


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