Do “Palestinian Refugees” mean that Israel should annex the territories?

There are 1.65M Arabs living in “refugee camps” in the West Bank (700k) and Gaza (954k) holding out for settlement into Israel. It is quite clear that allowing these people all to settle into Israel would rapidly mean the end of Israel’s existence as a Jewish state and the likely followon attempted genocide of the Jews living their. It is also quite clear that these people have no valid claim on a right to settle in Israel. So the “Palestinian” “Refugees” are a mortal threat to Israel and their claims of refugee status means that they have renounced any claims of a particular right to settle in the West Bank or Gaza.

What follows is obvious: Israel should deport all the “Palestinian” Refugees” from Gaza and the West Bank, annex the territories, and give the remaining Arab residents citizenship.

  • But, what about the demographic issues of absorbing so many Arabs? There are 2.3M Arabs in the West Bank, 1.3M in Gaza, and 1.25M in Israel for a total of 4.85M Arabs in territory controlled by Israel. There are 5.5M Jews in the same area. Those numbers are indeed awefully close for something to remain a “Jewish State”. On the other hand, after subtracting the refugees the ratio drops to 3.2M Arabs to 5.5M Jews (36%).
  • But, who will accept and settle these refugees? Israel should offer a $10k per capita settlement payment for each refugee accepted by another country. Given that there are lots of countries in the world with GDP per capita under $5k, accepting these people should be a no-brainer for many governments. The total cost for all the refugees would be $16.5B. Given that Israel has a GDP of $121B, a defense budget of $10b, Israel could finance this at $1b/year for the next 20 years. The savings in the cost of defense would make it well worth it!
  • But, 3.2M Arabs, 36% of the population is still A LOT! I’m not sure I agree, but if it is a concern, lets assume we want to reach 20% (1.375M Arabs). That would require persuading an additional 1.825M to leave. Given that GDP per capita in the West Bank and Gaza are $800 and $600 respectively, $2k per capita should be enough to convince the vast majority of these populations to depart. For a total marginal cost of $3.65B.
  • But, what about about the human rights of the deported refugees? They chose to be refugees and they bear the consequences. The non-refugee Arabs are being compensated for moving elsewhere. What is wrong with that?
  • But, what about the inevitable disapproval of the international community? It forfeit its right to an opinion in the travesty at the Hague regarding the wall.

4 Responses to Do “Palestinian Refugees” mean that Israel should annex the territories?

  1. Yasmin Sohrawardy says:

    Out of curiosity, what if you offer to pay them, and they won’t go? How far would you be willing to go to get them to leave?

  2. Then my plan doesn’t work. I am not an eminent domain advocate.

    However, I think the vast majority of the planet, including you, Yasmin, have no in principle objection to eminent domain and therefore should have no in principle objection to a court defined payoff followed by coercion.

  3. Yasmin Sohrawardy says:

    So, in the end, it would come down to force. Just checking…

    So, what would you do if they resist?

  4. Yasmin, obviously, since I am not an eminent domain advocate, if the payment isn’t sufficient to get them to leave, I would not force them. If we cannot afford enough to get them to leave voluntarily then my plan wouldn’t work. If I was inclined to use force then I wouldn’t bother advocating payment!

    Your conclusion appears baseless.

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