Maybe Teenage Pregnancy is a good thing

A friend forwards this post from Philip Greenspun:

Now that I’m 40 years old most of my friends are in their riper years. The women who are trying to have children in their late 30s and early 40s are going through torture. Hormones, needles, in-vitro fertilization, miscarriages, etc. Maybe teenage pregnancy isn’t such a bad idea after all. I wonder if in pre-industrial societies it wasn’t the case that the grandparents did most of the child-rearing that required judgement and experience. The teenage girl did the child-bearing but was still living surrounded by extended family so that her 30-35-year-old mom and mother-in-law could provide adult guidance for the baby. Perhaps we believe that teenage pregnancy is bad only because our family structures have been broken up.


One Response to Maybe Teenage Pregnancy is a good thing

  1. matinee idol says:

    Perhaps Mark Steyn has not heard of fatherhood? Dads totally rock, as do Grandpas. Just ask my kid.

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