Disaster Prep/Planning

Yesterday went from server operations planning to general disaster prep. day. If you believe that a terrorist attack may be imminent or just that it is a good idea to prepare for disasters because they happen more often than you thnk. Our considerations involved 5 different aspects:

  • Mail/File Server infrastructure (paid hosting in some non-target location with generator — survived blackout)
  • Personal kit you basically always have with you (in your laptop case?) that is enough to get you home
  • Grab-n-Go kit of things you need to get from your home to the safe-house.
  • Meeting location in NYC to coordinate getting to safe-house (outside of manhattan — perhaps outside of range of India Point rector meltdown)
  • Transport to safe house location (time to get a motorcycle?)
  • Planning reentry to or abandonment of safe house if taken/occupied by others
  • Safe house equipment prep (including assumption that power and water may cease functioning?)

URLs to read: Joe Katzman, the WSJ, RAND corp, toilets 🙂.

If you are planning to attend burningman, some of this prep overlaps.


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