Should the US have attacked Afghanistan before 9/11

Given this stuff, should we be more aggressive with Syria and Iran today?


One Response to Should the US have attacked Afghanistan before 9/11

  1. ooghe says:

    that’s a pretty creepy story. whether or not it is true (and it does seem questionable- especially when she veers into opining on how 9/11s wouldn’t happen Were It Not For Political Correctness), I would not be at all surprised to imagine that al Qaeda or it’s progeny would test the security of air travel in just that manner. Just speculating, but in lieu of the way she describes that event, one of the things I have often feared is if al Qaeda were to recruit jihadists that were racially black, such that the Ann Coulter argument would apply in the most apallingly divisive way possible in the US.

    As for being aggressive with Iran or Syria, in the context of that article- I would assume that if 14 hijackers carried Syrian passports, they’re probably not from Syria, which to me would seem obvious, or at least that al Qaeda has some sort of designs against the Baathist government there, similar to it’s grudge against the Saudis…

    Similarly, a grim idea I have speculated about, since earlier you had asked me for suggestions as to what strategy would be best to pursue in the fight against al Qaeda since I consider the Iraq War to be so patently dumb, is what would happen if the US blew up some organ of the Iranian government and supplied evidence of al Qaeda complicity in cooperation with the Saudis or UAE? Iranian possession of disputed islands in the Gulf were enough provocation for the Emirates to support the Taliban, after all- much to the ire of the Shiites in Iran. Anyway, just musing.

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