Looking for a Communicator

(The connection to my mail server is down so I am thinking about my device usage.) There was a time when a computer was a person who computes. It feels like we are in a simialar transition for the word “communicator.” My T-Mobile contract has expired so I am now on the market for a new phone/pda. It looks like the displays on recent PDA/Phones have evolved to the point that I can begin to think differently about my whole computer usage pattern. I’m used to talking on a cellphone and doing all other communication on computers. The hardware at least is getting to the point where it may make sense to shift a lot of my usage to smaller devices.

Here is the main functionality I would like to acheive on my new device:

  • Form Factor: Sony Ericson P900 (phone/PDA, good screen, keyboard, camera, microphone, speakers)
  • Connectivity: GSM Tri-Band, Bluetooth, 802.11bg, GPRS, USB2.0
  • Storage: 40gb (enough for my email archive, music, and working files)
  • operates as USB disk when plugged into computer (boots computer into last used state?)
  • screen large enough to read email/rss/atom/im
  • automatic file synchronization with backup server of my choice!
  • offline email send/receive (probably via pop3/imap/smtp relay where smtp relay knows how to deliver DSNs to the local pop3/imap inbox — good file sync would make imap relay unnecessary.)
  • pdf/officeapp reader
  • rss reader
  • AIM and Exodus IM client (Note: Texting/SMS may mean I don’t really care about this feature)

The P900 is pretty close except for the lack of USB port and storage. Note, if they added the USB port, you could get the storage from one of the USB drives. If I had all the above, that would actually be quite satisfactory.

If I had this setup, I would use the computer only for actual document production where the ability to see whole documents on the screen and edit comfortably is more important.


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