Objective Measure of Liberal Media Bias

From Rocky Mountain News

The media outlets [studied] were The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the three network news shows, Fox News’ Special Report and The Drudge Report (the paper is online [here]).
The authors say they expected to find that the mainstream media leaned to the left, but they were “astounded by the degree.” So when people say, for example, that The New York Times may be tilted left, but people can compensate for that by watching Fox News, they don’t take into account that the Times is much further from the center than Fox. “To gain a balanced perspective, one would need to spend twice as much time watching Special Report as he or she spends reading The New York Times.”
The predominance of liberals (however identified) in major media is well-documented, but there remains a great deal of controversy over how much that fact influences news reporting (this analysis looks only at news reports, not editorials, reviews or letters to the editor). Most journalists I know say they work hard to keep their personal views out of their news reporting (again, excepting people like me who are supposed to be expressing opinions). And most of them, I’m sure, sincerely believe they succeed. This is evidence that what they succeed best at is sounding like Democrats.


One Response to Objective Measure of Liberal Media Bias

  1. ooghe says:

    It’s true! I watched 47 hours of Fox News, 46 of which were Bill O’Reilly editorializing, but then in the remaining news hour counted for the study, no think tanks were mentioned, therefore no mathematical correlation with low scoring ADA members of Congress. Since it is objectively the case that all political behavior manifests in a uniform quoting-of-think-tanks-per-decade-and-the-concept-of-filibusters-is-irrelevant-in-the-republican-dominated-decade-they-studied rate, why then, Fox News is certainly a centrist news organization. Hmm. Now I’m listening to low ADA scoring Rick Santorum opining on how letting gay people marry will lead to increased rate of sex with dogs per capita… but the funny thing is there was no mention of the RAND Corporation (or, at least, the part that, y’know-should be like counted differently, since they’re, like, y’know *two* RAND Corporations, don’t we all know)- so I don’t know why he’s getting such a low ADA sco- oh wait, that’s being generated on the basis of voting behavior and not which or if any think tanks are cited, which would actually be a direct correlation.

    Science is neato, perfessor.

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