Basement nanotech moving forward

I argued that we need more basement nanotech/biotech here. Now it looks like progress is happenning! Yay and watch out!

But he hasn’t given up. After all, what home-brew STM [scanning tunnelling microscope] obsessives lack in numbers, they make up for in ingenuity and dedication. For example, John D. Alexander – a senior systems engineer at Molecular Imaging – devised in his spare time a “simple STM that can resolve atoms, with a cost of materials less than $100, excluding oscilloscope.”

Of course, it was an STM, albeit a more “professional” model, that Don Eigler used in 1989 to spell out “IBM” in xenon atoms.

I wonder if the next-next-generation home-brew nanotools could enable a dedicated amateur to fashion a nano Etch A Sketch. Forget about my name on a grain of rice. “Pescovitz” written in quantum dots – now that would make a great addition to my cabinet of curiosities.


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