Disruptive Innovation of the Web and Mobile Device

Clay Christiansen has talked extensively about the way incumbents fail to recognize disruptive innovation because, at any given time, they view it as a lower quality version of what they are already selling to their already satisfied customers. The incumbents don’t realize that, by lowering price substantially, the challenger is accessing entirely new markets for the “lower quality” product. Russell Beattie is describing the same phenomenon in the mobile space.

there are going to be *billions* of mobile devices on the web very soon now and that’s going to change things fundamentally. The Web 2.0 is going to be dominated by XHTML-MP
But again, the session is called “Wireless War: What Technologies Will Win?” and I’m sure instead of focusing on the incredible changes that mobile data services are going to bring into the lives of the 2 billion people who will own cellphones around the world in the next few years, it’s going to be about how WiFi and WiMax are actually threat to 3G technologies. No really. No, no really. No really. Ugh.

Does Silicon Valley have blinders on? Did they get a technology-lobotomy? These entire conferences could be filled with *nothing* but analysis of mobile tech – their impact, their influence, the opportunities and more. What are these organizers doing? Do they not read? Do they not travel outside of the country ever?
Mobility is about mobile phones. Period. Forget “wireless” – why is that so hard for Americans to understand? Wireless has nothing to do with the real revolution. Mobility is about what happens when a couple billion people around the world are interconnected 24/7 with relatviely cheap, powerful, converged multimedia devices called cellphones. It’s changing the face of society as we know it. Elections have been won because of SMS. Whole societies have customs now around a service that Americans have no idea exists. That’s just *today*. Tomorrow will bring higher speeds, location services, presence, international push-to-talk groups, streaming media, and more. This is incredible.

He is talking about a major blindspot for the valley. Billions of people with SMS and perhaps MMS (photos) 24×7. They don’t have the web. What services can you offer these people?


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