Left vs. Right Anti-semitism

My friend J keep telling me he is more worried about right anti-semitism rather than left anti-semitism (especially in the US). My general take is that right anti-semitism is stable or declining whereas I see left anti-semtisim burgeoning (apparently traveling from Europe to here). Britains Independent provides another example of the modern alliance between the left anti-imperialism and far right Islamist anti-semitism:

The former cabinet minister Stephen Byers said yesterday that the “line is now being crossed from legitimate criticism” of the Israeli government into “demonisation, dehumanisation of Jews and the application of double standards”.
Stephen Byers, a former transport secretary who chairs the committee on anti-Semitism, said that anti-Israeli criticism should not be used as “a cloak of respectability” for racist views. He said there was the danger of the development of an “intellectual argument” bolstering anti-Semitic feeling. “We need to be robust on confronting anti-Semitic views wherever these may occur,” Mr Byers said.

Mr Purnell said memories of the Holocaust had largely inoculated Europe against anti-Semitism for 60 years, but some people on the extreme left had allowed themselves to find “some extremely strange bedfellows” in their criticism of Israel. “During the anti-war protests there were some really terrifying pictures of individuals dressed up as suicide bombers holding banners with the Star of David and an equals sign to a swastika,” he said. “This apparent embrace of such symbols by the anti-war left is absolutely astounding.”


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