Dear People of Faleujah

[Suppose the US were to send this message to the people of Felujah]

There are people residing amongs you who are killing innocent Iraqi civilians, kidnapping foreign contractors here to help rebuild your country, and attacking US troops here to maintain order. For the protection of the people of Iraq and the world, these people must be stopped. Since you are unable or unwilling to stop them yourselves, we need to do so. Please arrange to leave the city for the next week so we can eliminate them with minimal danger and inconvenience to yourselves. Those who fail to leave the city will be contrued either as enemies to be eliminated or hostages to be rescued (if the bad guys claim hostages).

Though we are sorry that you are being inconvenienced by this request to leave, we are also sorry that these people have been killing so many and causing so much damage. We are also sorry to have to be risking our soldiers’ lives resolving the situation. The fault lies with the evil people who are hiding amongst you, people who, you should be happy to know, will soon either be read or rotting in jails.

If the terrorists then threaten people with death if they attempt to leave the city, they lose all the advantages of claiming to represent the people in some form of insurgency. If the people of Feleujah fail to leave the city despite the absence of such a threat from the terrorists, they lose any moral claim to good and any deaths they suffer are the result of allying with badness, not different from the population of any enemy country in war.


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