Blaming the Jews

Reader YS worries:

Whether or not Jewish leaders were in some way complicit in Jesus’ crucifixion is not the issue. The fact that Europe used that possible compicity to brutally persecute millions of Jews for 2000 years is the issue.That 2000 history would be unequivocally irredeemable even if Christians could prove the alleged complicity beyond any shadow of a doubt, and I think that is what you should be arguing. Arguing it the other way opens the door for validating the persecution if one can validate the history.

She has a point. However, I think we can argue about actionability seperately. My point was that blaming the Jews has been a tool of oppressive authorities to perserve their power for millenia.

The modern version of “The Jews killed Jesus,” in the Arab world, takes the form of, The Jews Killed the Palestinians with exactly the same graphic depiction of suffering and with the same absence of any political context.

Even if Jews did kill Palestinians, it does not justify the hating and killing of Jewish civilians either in the Middle East or elsewhere. Nonetheless Arab media thrives on Palestinian Passion plays that follows the exact same formula Gibson and the Church have already used for centuries.


2 Responses to Blaming the Jews

  1. antisemitism doesn’t play well in france.

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