Bits vs. Atoms: Embodiment overtaking Enlightenment

Kevin Werbach recommends looking at Me++ The Cyborg Self and the Networked City. From its web site:

Thus, Mitchell proposes, the “trial separation” of bits (the elementary unit of information) and atoms (the elementary unit of matter) is over. With increasing frequency, events in physical space reflect events in cyberspace, and vice versa; digital information can, for example, direct the movement of an aircraft or a robot arm. In Me++ Mitchell examines the effects of wireless linkage, global interconnection, miniaturization, and portability on our bodies, our clothing, our architecture, our cities, and our uses of space and time. Computer viruses, cascading power outages, terrorist infiltration of transportation networks, and cellphone conversations in the streets are symptoms of a dramatic new urban condition–that of ubiquitous, inescapable network interconnectivity. He argues that a world governed less and less by boundaries and more and more by connections requires us to reimagine and reconstruct our environment and to reconsider the ethical foundations of design, engineering, and planning practice.

Thats right. The experiment of the enlightenment that our minds are separate from our bodies has come to an end.
The enlightenment is failing on all fronts these days. We need to come up with a replacement fast.


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  1. jaygo ishkabibble says:

    i wrote a long letter in the comment field and lost it immediately because of the ‘we need emails’ requirement.

    you should put down in your comments form that comments without emails AND names will not be posted.


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